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Why would this ever think of happening at a time like this?

It is revealed that the Wyatt Family is one of the greatest tag teams in the WWE with Bray Wyatt and others.

During the WWE brand extension, the stable were separated as some superstars was drafted into RAW while others into SmackDown Live respectively leaving the team a scanty team as though they never existed.

Some time ago, Randy Orton joined forces with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper to come together again as The Wyatt family. Orton helped Bray Wyatt to defeat Kane in one of the SmackDown live matches and when he was asked to tell the reason for his action, he said, “ If you cannot beat them, you join them”.

Ever since the coming together of Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Randy Orton, there have been some notable victories by these men and report has it that the new Wyattt Family would be facing Rhyno and Heath Slater at the WWE TLC PPV.

Some sources has rumored that The Wyatt family would breakup just after the TLC match and that the only reason why Orton joined the team for the first place was just to seek refuge. Well, this has not been confirmed to be true in any ways, so, as a matter of fact, we see this rumor as false until there be an official report.