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Once upon a time, anything goes in WWE – no one challenges you, no one cares. Drugs and alcohol consumption were a normal amusement as the stars spend their days on the road cruising from one location to the other, partying and taking turns in restaurants and hotel bars.

Often they bond with one another, since their partners and family were far away and their biological urge needed to be met.

All this flooded the industry from 1980s through the ’90s, until 1999 when WWE launched their Wellness Policy program after they purchased World Championship Wrestling.

Today the mark is clear, if you violate the policy for the first time, you get a 30-day suspension. If you violate it for the second time, you get 60 days suspension, and a third strike would result in termination.

Hence, stars like Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, and Rey Mysterio have violated the Wellness rules a little while ago while Adam Rose and Konnor of The Ascension have been booked recently.

However, Daily Wrestling News has reported that one particular WWE veteran is wasting away his life and engaging in activities that may hamper his performance. Fellow stars are complaining and a good number of them have offered up this information stating that partying life of this veteran has caused his in-ring work to suffer.

Well, for the now, the details and name of the Superstar who is going beyond the limit as far as partying is concerned has not been revealed but words are flying around the air already. We shall bring you the updates should a name be eventually confirmed.