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From the recent happenings in the WWE, rumors has gone out among the WWE Universe that the company has plans to book some of their superstars in LGBT including the Diva Becky Lynch any moment from now.

Speaking in this regard, the top official of the WWE brand Stephanie commented about the WWE integration of LGBT into the company’s programming and this were her words, “Throughout my life, I have grown up knowing gay WWE superstars and executives. It’s always been accepted, but now it’s about getting that message out there.”

More so, it is revealed that WWE has also partnered with GLAAD which Stephanie also spoke about saying, “We’ve had GLAAD come in and speak to our entire writing team and give a whole tutorial on sensitivities, the right words, the wrong word and why those words matter. I think that with their guidance and support, we will be able to portray that LGBT storyline appropriately”.

Speaking further, Stephanie McMahon made mention of Pat Patterson’s book “Accepted,” which chronicles his experiences being gay in the wrestling world. It was on the WWE Network show “Legends” that Patterson publicly came out and disclosed his true nature as a gay wrestler.

These words of Stephanie has kept lots of superstars wondering and imagining what it would look like introducing the Lesbian Gimmick into this present programming. Well, this is a thing that is going to be done in the WWE whether Vince McMahon thinks it would be a good decision or not.

WWE Diva Becky Lynch has been declared an excellent performer because of her in-ring ability and use of mic as well. So, Becky Lynch could be in the gimmick, but come to think of it, being that Becky is a top baby face, would experimenting with her gimmick be a good idea? Well, this idea is just to spread a message of equality. Let’s watch and see whether this will come to pass or not.