Connect with us has just reported that another wrestling legend has been asked to retire from professional wrestling owing to medical reasons.

Sting has a fatal neck injury during his World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins which has kept him off the ring. Fans has been asking when they will see him back in the ring, some hoped he could recover soon and match in WrestleMania 32 next month at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. But TMZ has it that Sting whose real name is Steve Borden is forced to retire due to the injury.

The WWE signed sting to perform in the ring, at Night of Champion which was his first match fighting Triple H in WrestleMania 31 which held at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Fans were so happy to see him. But sadly Sting got a neck injury in the match against Seth Rollins.

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Sting wanted to end his career with big name and so he went to his doctors to see if he could partake in the match but all the doctors told him that he can’t. Sting was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis, this was a very horrible condition. Sting is in pain. Edge also suffered the same injury.

The WWE wants Sting to retire. Despite the fact that Sting will not perform in WrestleMania 32, he will be given a chance to address the audience and to say farewell to his fans. It is a shameful thing that Sting didn’t retire on his own accord, but anyway he has accomplished a great deal in his career and there is pretty no much regret.