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It has been declared by the WWE that the 5-on-5 divas tag match will hold in the show before WrestlMania 32 as the team Bad and Blonde takes on the team Total Diva. It was exposed that Eva was the brain behind the Total Diva in the recent RAW just after the Emma and Paige match.

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According to, it is said that the main plan was to add Barley in the Total Divas team but Triple H convinced Vince McMahon who later added Eva Marie instead of Barley. Triple H strictly opposed the addition of Barley because he thought Barley was more a wrestle and less a Diva, and that Eva is a cast of the Total Divas show airing on the WWE network in some occasions.

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More so, Vince didn’t wanted Eva to be added as he thought that she will bore the fans. So now there is this plan of Eva stirring on her team members come WrestleMania 32. But though as it is, Eva is now a member of the Total Diva team.