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Hulk Hogan received $115 million instead of the $100 million he requested from Gawker for showcasing him in a sex tape against his wish , according to CNN Money reports. $25 million was added to the huge sum which he is to receive from his lawsuit against Gawker ranging the whole total to $140 million.

The damage has been divided to be paid as follows : $15 million from Gawker, the site founder Nick Denton , is to pay $10 million, and another $100,000 million from editor A.J. Daulerio. This was all added to the $115 million, this was awarded to Hulk Hogan. $55 million was for financial loss while$60 million for emotional distress.

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However, the tape which involved Hulk and his friend’s wife was posted to Gawker’s website and particular, brings damages to Hogan. Indeed, Hulk Hogan received the huge sum on Friday and may not return to WWE again. This may be his final walk away from WWE, farewell to Hulk Hogan.