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Death as it is said, is a clumsy thing of the night to be discovered in the day. so painful it is to loss a loved one, even though death is an inevitable thing. We cannot beat the fact that man is a being unto death which is really correct.

some time ago, earlier this year in February to be precise, the WWE officially announced the death of a very popular and friendly superstar who was a very close friend to Paul Heyman. The announcement of this follow’s death was done via tweet which included the ring life of the deceased.

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Mysteriously, Brin Knighton died at the age of 44, his death as stated by some fellow, was so unusual that no body even knew the cause of his death. Brin Knighton was very close to Heyman. According to PW Insider, Brin died in a motel room in Baltimore, Maryland.

More so, it was revealed that Brin’s corpse was found in the room 10 hours after he posted on twitter saying, “The way I do things may not be the way you do things but you will find out there is only 1 way. My away”

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The death of Brin Knighton Was indeed a tragedy, it is an incident that can not be forgotten in a hurry. His past life is still as fresh in our heart as though we still have him alive. May his gentle soul rest in peace. Amen