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Eddie Guerrero smile

  • He revealed that Chris Benoit just ‘wailed’ on the phone when he found out
  • Eddie was loved by many in the WWE locker room and fans around the world


Eddie Guerrero was loved in the WWE locker room. When he arrived in WWE, Latino Heat created a fanbase that, to this day, still chant his name in the stands.

His death was a shock to WWE, and the RAW Tribute show told a story as many wrestlers stood together in tears along with fans in the audience.

None were more broken up about it than Chris Benoit himself. On Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring via Complex, Chavo Guerrero recounted the day that Eddie died.

In the episode, Chavo revealed that Eddie was passing out in the middle of conversations with people. During their stay at a hotel, while performing at house shows, Eddie never answered his wake-up call.

Eddie Guerrero and Ray Mysterio

Chavo was alerted and made his way to Eddie’s room. As it was locked, he said that the door’s latch had to be cut.

He found Eddie passed out on the floor and “gurgling”. Chavo held Eddie in his arms and he passed away.

Eddie had died from an enlarged heart.

Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio

Benoit had called Chavo, unaware of the events that had taken place. Chavo broke the news to him, and according to him, Benoit just ‘wailed’ on the phone.

Even on the tribute show, Benoit was sobbing and in visible pain over the loss of his friend.

Eddie Guerrero champion