Connect with us reported a while ago that 72-year old WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, has been arrested and charged over the assassination of his 23-year-old girlfriend.

According to a sources, popular WWE legend Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka is still in the police custody after been charged with third-degree murder and spontaneous homicide.

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Reports noted that the Fijian semi-retired professional wrestler and actor was reprimanded by the police around August last year, and two months later, he arrived at Lehigh County Courthouse for court trial.

One irony about the case of the 72-year old semi-retired Pro-wrestler was the way he smiled when he appeared in court for trial over the involuntary murder of his 23-year-old girlfriend more than 30 years ago.

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Within the gap of years, Snuka has maintained that he was innocent and that nothing of that such took place. Even when he was to write his autobiography, he said: ‘I never hit Nancy or threatened her.’

Reports revealed that Nancy Argentino was rushed to hospital when she was discovered to be out of breath and discharging yellow liquid from her mouth on May 10, 1983, having spent the night in a hotel room with Snuka.

Unfortunately, she died the next day.

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In the course of the whole thing, Snuka’s defense attorney Robert Kirwan told the Morning Call: “The sooner this gets brought to a court, to a jury, the better.

‘Mr Snuka, if his health continues to deteriorate, he’d like to leave this world knowing he’s an innocent man, not with everyone thinking he’s guilty.

‘So we’re looking for a quick trial as well, for his sake and for his reputation.’

He added: ‘We’ve taken the position that 30 years ago when this case was investigated by the DA’s office, this DA’s office, they determined that there was no crime committed.

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‘Thirty years has not changed that. He remains optimistic. He is not dreading this trial. He’s looking forward to clearing his name and I expect him to be found innocent of all charges.

‘He has very high spirits.’