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Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Former SmackDown Live Women’s Champion has revealed that she has been taking a break from the ring to deal with some personal issues in a heartfelt post on Instagram.

The former SmackDown Live Women’s Champion hasn’t wrestled since July, around the same time that her husband Jimmy Uso was arrested for a DUI in Florida.

That came just five months after Jimmy, 33, who forms the legendary tag-team The Usos with twin brother Jey, was banged up for disorderly conduct.

The former WWE Tag Team Champions are expected to return to WWE TV soon and the assumption was that Naomi would be making a reappearance as well.

But the star, real name Trinity Fatu, shared to fans that she’s been dealing with a lot more than her husband’s legal issues.

In an emotional post on social media where she was sporting new long dreadlocks, Naomi addressed her absence from WWE and revealed that she’s been dealing with health problems of her own.

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Naomi beautiful WWE goddess

She tweeted: “I’ve faced some trying times the past few months…losing a loved one so dear to me (rocked me to my core) & handling my own health issues I wasn’t aware of forced me to slow down & reevaluate…I want my loving fans to know that I’m ok and will be back when the time is right.”

Fellow WWE star Nikki Cross was quick to share her condolences by replying: “We are thinking of you and miss you very much.”

RAW Commentator Renee Young also said: “We miss and love you Trin!!!”

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

While one fan added: “We love you and miss you can’t wait to see back in action soon take all the time you need.”

“Feel better and come back stronger Queen,” a fourth responded.

Naomi hasn’t stepped into the ring since she defeated Sarah Logan on July 22 on an episode of Main Event but she will return to WWE TV this month.

The 31-year-old is scheduled to be part of the latest season of Total Divas with her husband Jimmy Uso, with the show mostly filmed in the winter and spring of 2018/2019.