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Welcome to Wrestling News Plus live update of WWE Backlash, here you will enjoy live stream and update of the ongoing fights on the ring. Just keep refreshing your browser for new updates.
The Welcoming Committee vs. Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Naomi Part 3. This is going to be a captivating fight as parties involved are great fighters.

It is happening now as Becky knocks Tamina off the apron before locking Natalya in the DisArmHer. Carmella breaks it up, now Charlotte throws her out of the ring.

Everyone starts hitting great moves on each other. Natalya just applied what is called the Sharpshooter on Lynch, who is forced to tap out.

The modern day Maharaja gets a massive pop as he poses on the barricade victorious! The crowd’s reaction is almost as unfathomable as the winner! Jinder Mahal is going to go down in history as the 50th WWE Champion in the title’s history! What a fantastic end to a PPV that had more lows than highs until now!