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The WWE and UFC fighter Brock Lesnar has really proven himself to be a natural fighting machine when he mercilessly dealt with the MMA legend Mark Hunt at the UFC 200 event.

After the match against Mark Hunt, the press came to him and asked him about his return to octagon and without further ado, Brock Lesnar with answered with confidence talking high of himself because of the victory saying, “Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants!” this statement is indeed filled with pride as most people would say but I think that the Beast, Brock Lesnar is just expressing himself as he really knows himself to be.

More so, Brock Lesnar proved that he is a freak athlete of the highest calibre when he ground his way to a unanimous decision victory over the Samoan knockout machine. The match has come and gone and his WWE return for the SummerSlam match against Randy Orton is next in line for him. So many folks has the believed that Brock Lesnar will loss the match to Randy Orton with the reason that he just underlined his legitimacy as a natural born fighting machine with a pretty dominant victory over Mark Hunt.

The UFC 200 match did went on well but to his opponent Mark Hunt, the match didn’t concluded in the form he likes so he is appealing for a re-match. Mark is not happy with the way things went in the match.
Furthermore, reports states that the reason why Hunt wants a re-match is because Brock Lesnar received a exepmtion from USADA testing for the 4-month retirement rule as a reason why the fight went the way it did. And he is very angry about the whole incidence. It was though revealed that before the match Brock Lesnar was tested so many times.