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The present WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose has been flipping all around town since he became the champion because it is a surprise to him have longed for it for the past two years.

Dean Ambrose recently appeared live in the WWE podcast with Renee Young and at such discussed about his sordid experience with nunchucks. This is indeed a violation because the nunchucks is seen as an exhibit, most especially if been travelled with.

Dean Ambrose stated that nunchucks are considered as weapon by border control which makes it very hard to travel with. Considering the fact that Dean Ambrose attempted travelling with it, he was caught and finned for it.

Speaking about the incidence, the champion said, it’s worth it because at least I have an international weapons charge on my record,” furthermore, He joked (?) that he paid the fine, although the numchucks were confiscated. Neglecting the negative side of the story.