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If the most popular superstars in the WWE current rooster are to be mentioned, the name of Dolph Ziggler will not be exempted. Dolph Ziggler has been part of the WWE since ages. It is revealed that his career started as an amateur wrestler from the university where he schooled, Kent State University.

According to report, Dolph Ziggler has recorded many title win while he was in Kent State University. He had 121 victories between 2000 and 2003.

Recently, reported that Kent State Athletics has announced that Dolph Ziggler will be inducted into the 2016 Kent State University Athletics Hall of Fame. The ceremony of this induction will take place on Saturday 17th as it marked the 38th annual ceremony of the athletics.

Furthermore, Dolph Ziggler joined force with the WWE in 2004 and was debuted into WWE’s main rooster in 2006. Again, Dolph Ziggler made his re-debut in 2008. Ever since his re-debut he has been a static member on the WWE main rooster, he has won the Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, Tag team Champion and the World Championship as well since his 8th years of stay in the company.

Indeed, from the look of things, we can say that Dolph Ziggler truly deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame class because he has undoubtedly recorded notable wins and championship reigns.