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It is certain that one of the things that is not common the WWE is easy change of mind of the boss Vince McMahon who declares a thing and ensures that it comes to pass just as he has spoken it.

Early this year, in May to be precise, the Big Guy of the WWE had problem with Vince McMahon due to his contract and it was revealed that the Big Guy Ryback asked that the WWE should equate the salaries of all superstars after each match both the winners and the losers should get equal amount of pay. But this landed as an insult to the ears of Vince McMahon so they have to give Ryback a shift but he is still under WWE contract.

Reports states that his contract may not be renewed once it expires because of the dispute in between him and the WWE Company which means he may be released totally. This may not seem too hard for the Big Guy to bear because even as of now he is acting as if he is not in the WWE again which means releasing him totally will make him a free man and an independent wrestler just like Cody Rhodes.

More so, Cody Rhodes was one of the WWE professional wrestlers who requested his released from the company. This was because he felt that the WWE creative are not being reasonable. Cody discussed with them to change his role in the company but they bluntly refused and Cody been fed up with his present role, requested to be released which was granted and now he stands alone doing his chore more competently as an independent wrestler.

Furthermore, Ryback had a signature while he was still in the WWE which reads”Feed me More” and from the look of things, Ryback will sure take his signature along with him to his new era. Recently Ryback posted on Instagram his new website which he named after his catchphrase signature, “Feed me more”. This is excellent as it happens to be that it is the first project if Ryback outside his WWE.