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It takes only brave minds to accept challenge from a tougher opponent. This could simply mean that a battle line has been drawn for these WWE tag team champions.

It has happened that, before match can be tagged a huge match, there must have some serious things to show for it that truly the match was a huge indeed; and every huge matches leaves a sign behind either injury or some other things that can be talked of as being serious.

Not quite long we discussed how Xavier Woods of The New Day tag team left his teammates when they were about to accept an invitation from the Wyatt’s Family for a compound fight. The reason for this was because Xavier saw The Wyatt’s family as being a very powerful and dangerous stable. Though, the match is come and gone anyway and to prove that it was really huge match, Braun Strowman, the black sheep of the Wyatt family got a big scar during the conflict.

The challenge that led to the fight was at last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw where The New Day challenged the Wyatt’s Family to a fight. And on this week on The Monday Night RAW, a highlight of the match was displayed as it happened at the compound of Bray Wyatt after the views; fans tagged the match to be the compound segment.

The wound as was recorded after the show was displayed via social media network, Twitter but some still doubts if the wound is really a real wound or a makeup even though the wound appears to be very deep and real. Either ways, whether real or fake, the WWE will surely cease the opportunity to sell the authenticity of the match.

More so, there may be a return match which may occur this time at the house of one of the New Day’s compound probably the compound of Big E! afterwards, the WWE will use it as a medium of cheering fans by hosting them in another tag team match in the in-ring of WWE.