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The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is the newest, most exciting thing in the world of professional wrestling right now. More than 60 professional wrestlers have signed up to be a part of this new enterprise and there could be more joining.

Some of the most popular names in the entertaining sport connected to AEW now are Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, and Cody Rhodes. AEW started just last year. We can’t imagine how busy these people must be now, so we wonder who do they spend their social or free time with. A boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife? Here are ten AEW wrestlers and who they’re dating now.

10 Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes

Cody is not only one of the big names in AEW, but he is also one of the big important suits in the organization. With the title of Executive Vice President, Cody Rhodes is perhaps the busiest person in the sport of wrestling at the moment. Why is that? Because he hasn’t hung up his cleats yet, he is still an active in-ring talent. What better way to get through all of this business than to have his wife beside him all the time. Brandi Rhodes, Cody’s wife, is also with AEW now, and just like Cody, she will still perform and have the title of Chief Brand Officer. A busy couple about town.

9 Allie

Allie is one of the twelve female wrestlers that signed up with AEW so far. She started her career in wrestling in Canada, various Japanese promotions, TNA and Combat Zone Wrestling. Her out of the ring name is Laura Dennis, and she also goes by Laura and Cherry Bomb. It was in Impact Wrestling that she met her boyfriend and now husband of six years, Jesse Guilmette, who more popularly goes by the name Braxton Sutter. Their professional interactions blossomed into a love life that’s now six years healthy. But with the recent acquisition of Allie by AEW, are we going to see Sutter follow his woman soon?

8 Darby Allin
Darby Allin

Darby Allin has a young wrestling career often compared to Chris Jericho. But he makes up for it with a brand of wrestler only he can deliver. Quick and tenacious, Allin is fearless in his dexterity. We know how these young cats are, but he also has showmanship. That’s why he was big with WWN and Evolve. Such a strapping handsome wrestler deserves a beautiful girl, so, enter Priscilla Kelly. This woman is like Marilyn Manson’s grown-up daughter, but underneath all that makeup and persona is a gorgeous woman. Believe it or not, the young couple have tied the knot and were married last year.

7 Christopher Daniels
Christopher Daniels

One of the best wrestlers ever to have competed in Ring of Honor was this man, Christopher Daniels. He has now inked a contract with All Elite Wrestling as a performer and as the promotion’s Talent Relations Head. Daniel Christopher Covell started his wrestling career in 1993 and was with the WWF in the late nineties through the early 2000s. He has taken all kinds of championship titles in ROH and many others with his 5-year stint there. This elite wrestler is now 48-years old and is married to longtime wife Lisa Collelew and they are blessed with two children.

6 Britt Baker
Britt Baker

How often do you come across a professional wrestler who’s also a doctor? Almost never, because AEW signed that rare professional wrestler who’s also a professional doctor. Dr. Brittany Baker, D.M.D. (ring name Britt Baker) signed up with All Elite Wrestling in its maiden season. By day she pulls molars and extracts cuspids, by night she pulls other wrestlers’ hamstrings and extracts their dignity in the ring. Whenever she’s not busy with both she spends her time with boyfriend Austin Jenkins (known by WWE as Adam Cole). This is why Adam Cole has such perfect pearly whites.

5 Jon Moxley
Dean Ambrose and Renee Young

Everybody knows Jonathan David Good as Dean Ambrose from the sensational trio called The Shield. His eight years in the wrestling industry took him to a match in 2012 in WWE when he entered the ring with The Shield teammates Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

Now, he is with All Elite Wrestling and we can’t wait to see what this crazy-eyed and scary man is going to do next. He is currently toying with Kenny Omega, let’s see where that road leads us. Jon Moxley’s love life is steady with his wife of two years, Renee Jane Paquette. She also appears as Renee Young, a commentator in WWE.

4 Bea Priestley
Bea Priestley

Bea Priestley is a British wrestler and one of the youngest talents that All Elite Wrestling was able to sign up for their fresh new league. A fresh league needs fresh faces, the younger the better. At just 23-years old, Bea Priestley is full of potential, and what’s astounding is that she has three years of wrestling experience in spite of her young age. She was with the UK’s World of Sport Wrestling and is currently in a contract with Japan’s stardom. Bea’s bae is fellow professional wrestler Will Ospreay, they’ve been dating for at least two years now.

3 Frankie Kazarian
Frankie Kazarian
Kazarian brings with him 21 long years of professional wrestling experience to the All Elite Wrestling league and they are really lucky to have him. He signed with them early in the year and both parties are satisfied, to say the least. His wealth of experience is gathered from virtually every promotion there is, from TNA to WWE and ROH, and some other smaller promotions and independent circuits early in his career. Frankie Kazarian is 42-years old and he bleeds wrestling for sure, and there’s someone there to come to his aid when he gets cut. Fellow wrestler Tracy Brookshaw (Traci Brooks) is his wife.

2 Sonny Kiss – Killian McMurphy
Sonny Kiss and Killian McMurphy

The first-ever actively wrestling and openly gay couple in the sport are Sonny Kiss and Killian McMurphy. This is a statement that All Elite Wrestling will surely be able to promote and support. Sonny Kiss is the real deal, he’s been a champion at least four times in different leagues including American Championship Entertainment and Warriors of Wrestling. He inked a deal with AEW and his debut was in the Fight for the Fallen event last July. The man entertains and his personality is magnetic. We can’t imagine what exciting things would happen if AEW signs Killian McMurphy in the future!

1 The Young Bucks
The Young Bucks

One of the most important moves of All Elite Wrestling was when they were able to sign the Young Bucks. This dynamic duo of tag team champions are brothers in real life. The Young Bucks are Matt and Nick Jackson, but Nicholas and Matthew Massie are their real names. They also have a title in All Elite Wrestling, they share the executive vice president title with Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega. They were tag team superstars in TNA, ROH, and now AEW. Both men are happily married with two children each, both boys married their longtime girlfriends. Isn’t that just sweet?