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WWE superstar Kurt Angle has been away from the ring ever since. Lately, it was rumored that Kurt Angle will be returning to the ring pretty and this has been a talk of town news spreading so vastly in all areas.

During a discussion with Mark Madden’s radio, former champion affirmed his return but stated that he did not when it will take place exactly. Discussing further, he said that he had discussed with Vince McMahon and Triple H and it was accounted unto him for a match in the WWE ring.

According to, WWE officials told Dave Meltzer that Kurt Angle’s return will not be possible and it has been confirmed by the WWE company that truly he will not return to the ring again.

More so, Kurt Angle, discussed the reason reason why he left the company in the first place saying that he had a history of injuries and he was not given remedial time to at least take care of himself.

Well, be it as it may, Angle may or may not regret this because of some reasons best known to him. Let’s wait and see if he comes up with new ideas since the company has officially declared that he will not be returning to the ring. This is serious, what do you think?