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The WWE have been regretting the action they took recently. From the evil promos by the Rock to the Austin 3: 16 of the Attitude Era, WWE has lost its glory.

In the time of Edge, Jeff Hardy and some other stars, which in the WWE is popularly known as The Ruthless Aggression Era, wrestlers were known to take high risk in the ring. Now, WWE have stopped taking high risk on the ring. WWE fortune appears to be rotating in the past few months with stars such as Nakamura and Styles joining the ever talented roster of the WWE.

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The creative team is hiring a staff to admit the blame by the fans for not setting up good info. The fans have been unhappy with the conflicting booking of some superstars such as Bray Wyatt, Cesaro and others. The fans are pleased with Roman Reigns except how he booked.

WWE just release on how to hiring new temporary staff for the creative team. This may be a dangerous act to WWE and they might be thinking of some ideas. Creative team have been quiet which may be waste storylines that they re been reputing for the past year.