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He may just have a cause to make a proud return.

He is well known for ring fights, but recently has been involved in courtroom fights. And one which has brought him no small fortune, in just a few days.

The infamous Gawker case has the Jury taking sides with Hulk Hogan and demanding he be paid huge sum and some more (CNN Money). This got Gawker screaming foul! Foul! Foul!

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The site will pursue an appeal on the claim that the Hulkster has given out false information to the media. And then Gawker says, Hogan was trying to protect his reputation and career because the purported tape contained racist language, which Hogan does not want out in public.

The WWE severed ties with Hogan based on his racist comments in 2015. And there are no reports as of yet pointing to the company bringing Hogan back into its fold. Though Cageside Seats wants us to believe there will be a definite comeback for the old wrestler to the WWE.

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Gawker is set to bring the media, especially to know the truth and so they are planning on an appeal now. This sex- turned- racist rant case may just be starting up.