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Randy Orton

WWE has just stated that another Superstar has sustained an injury and would be out of action for an indefinite period of time.

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The official website of WWE has just posted an article that specified that Randy Orton will be out of action for an “extended period of time.”

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According to the publication, Orton sustained a major shoulder dislocation and a surgery may likely be carried out if he ventures dislocate the shoulder again.
But the report could not actually state how Orton sustained the injury, whether it was from the match with Bray Wyatt as original stated or not.
Check out what WWE website states below:

“Randy has suffered from a dislocated shoulder. He’s had chronic problems with his shoulder, and a recent MRI that was done found he has a Bankart lesion in his shoulder, some stretched ligaments and a partially torn rotator cuff,” WWE physician Dr. Steve Daquino told “At this point it’s a matter of when he dislocates the shoulder again, and not if. Surgery seems imminent, and recovery time for such a surgery would be four to six months.”
Please stay tuned for more updates on Orton’s status and wellbeing as information becomes available to us.

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