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Nia Jax dating WWE RAW Announcer

Who is WWE Star Nia Jax Dating?

This page will be for the Nia Jax Secret Boyfriend and Dating information.

Nia Jax is a wrestling Superstar who is related to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She has been secretive about her relationships after she got into the limelight but it was later found out that she was in a 10 years long abusive behavior: she went through an abusive past affair that hurt her deeply.

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Nia Jax Current Affair and Secret Relationship

The former Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax now has a lover, and she just announced that they are dating.

Are Nia Jax And Mike Rome Dating?

There has been no indication that the two are dating. It just appears there’s something more between Nia Jax and Mike Rome that just friendship; evidence of a relationship is gradually surfacing as seen in the photos so far.

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Nia Jax and Mike Rome now dating

Nia Jax and Mike Rome now dating

Mike Rome’s road to WWE is quite unique, but it has made him more than ready for his role as a ring announcer and host.

WWE RAW ring announcer Mike Rome doesn’t show his arms on WWE television since he’s usually in a suit while announcing Superstars as they make their way to the ring. It’s a shame because fans won’t get to see his new tattoo.

Nia Jax and Mike Rome interviews

Nia Jax currently dating WWE Announcer Mike Rome

Rome grew up in San Diego as a huge fan of WWE’s Rock ‘n Wrestling era, idolizing Superstars like The Ultimate Warrior and being mesmerized by The Undertaker’s infamous debut at Survivor Series 1990.
A singer-turned-host, Rome toured around the country with Nickelodeon and emceeing game shows.

He was also a cast member at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla., playing characters like Scooby Doo’s pal Shaggy and Optimus Prime, among others.

Nia Jax and WWE RAW Announcer Mike Rome now dating

Nia Jax and WWE RAW Announcer Mike Rome now dating

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