Connect with us has just reported that WWE Diva Nattie was ignored by writers and fellow NXT stars in the hallways during the last episode of NXT show.

According the report, Natalya lost control of herself and broke down with tears when she felt she had been abandoned following her husband’s wrestling injury.

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The reported detailed that the 33-year old NXT star was emotionally down in the latest episode of the Total Divas and in one occasion tears came steaming down her tender cheeks when she frantically tried to fit into her work after taking a moment out to attend to her husband, Tyson Kidd who is down with injury.

What really made the first third-generation female wrestler in the world to cry, the report revealed, was the way the writers took her out of an NXT show she was scheduled to appear in and forget to even tell her about it!

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In frustration the Canadian professional wrestler narrates the ordeal to her sister, Jennifer with these words: “I don’t think anyone would even notice if I was here,” she told Jennifer in tears. “They just walk by me in the hallways and they put their heads down and they don’t have an answer. It’s just hurtful because I never asked for TJ to get hurt and I never asked to be left out.”