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Report just reaching us reveals that former WWE Divas Champion, Brie Bella would retire this Summer.

This was made known when Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella were interviewed few hours ago on ABC’s “Good Morning America and Brie noted that after looking into everything Bryan went through, there’s no better time to retire than this Summer.

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The whole thing came to be like this, a little while ago, Brie was speaking with a UK’s Magazine and she emphatically stated that she and her husband are so hungry for a child in their marriage and that the only thing that firmly stood as a mountain on their way was wrestling. She used these words, “you can’t do wrestling and be pregnant.”

After that interview, everyone were on tiptoe, curiously asking if she has finally decided on something permanent to do to her WWE’s engagement.

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Then her husband Daniel Bryan retired last week Monday and the tension became even greater that she might just do it sooner than expected.

Fast-forward, yesterday she made a post on Instagram which suggested she might do away with WWE just before we can say Jack Robinson. As a matter of fact, everyone thought she was going to make her announcement yesterday but that never came.

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Then in the exclusive interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella talked about a whole lot of things including Bryan’s concussions which Brie described in one breathe as “heartbreaking” as she noted that this Summer would be her time to hang up her wrestling boots.