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Bayley and Mandy Rose

Making a couple work on WWE television is an extremely difficult job. Most of the times, fans outrightly reject any angle that pairs Superstars who aren’t in a real-life relationship.


However, Otis and Mandy Rose have been an exception in that regard.

The two Superstars have received a largely positive response for their unique on-screen pairing. No wonder that WWE is using their bond to sow the seeds for new storylines.

Otis and Mandy Rose

In a hilarious turn of events on social media, Bayley decided to play the evil woman looking to create a rift between the love birds. She accused Mandy of stealing her cool haircut. So, how does Bayley decided to take her revenge? She steals her boyfriend. Check this out.

As you can expect, Mandy Rose was furious with this transgression of boundaries. She told Bayley to keep her hands off her significant other.

A rivalry between Mandy Rose and Bayley in the works?

Mandy Rose and Otis

Most probably, this is just friends having fun on Twitter. However, WWE has been known to convert these random social media banters into on-screen feuds.

Currently, Rose is embroiled in a heated rivalry with her former friend Sonya Deville. I’ll stick my neck out here and claim that the latent emotion behind this story has the potential to match the Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre feud.

That’s because unlike most angles in WWE, this one feels like something that happens around us in daily lives. All of us know people who think that they should’ve been better off in life but society goes for pretty faces instead of talent.

WWE Star Bayley

WWE Star Bayley happy

That, combined with the former friendship between the two, can lead to one of the most personal feuds in the women’s division.

However, that doesn’t mean that Rose can’t have a mini feud with Bayley. SmackDown will feature a Battle Royal to crown the new number one contender for her title.

If Mandy somehow manages to win by eliminating Deville, that will ensure that both the storylines are progressed with perfection. Of course, Rose won’t dethrone Bayley. Instead, Deville will cost her the title leading to a decisive match down the line.