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Becky Lynch Calls Fit Finlay A Traitor

Becky Lynch has one of the best Twitter handles amongst all WWE Superstars. She may still come second in terms of entertainment value when compared to Big E, but The Man doesn’t hold back in her tweets.


Her most recent target has turned out to be Fit Finlay, who posted a tweet on the occasion of him completing 45 years in the pro wrestling business. The Raw Women’s Champion roasted the veteran and called him a traitor in response to his post.

Becky Lynch speaks about Roman Reigns

Becky Lynch speaks about Roman Reigns


Recently, a backstage segment in which Fit Finlay was shown teaching Natalya how to break out of the Disarm-her and reverse it into the Sharpshooter. Becky Lynch interrupted Finlay’s masterclass and went on to unleash an assault on both Finlay and Natalya.

Lynch kneed Finlay in the groin area before trapping the Queen of Harts in a Disarm-Her.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

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Fit Finlay, popularly known just as Finlay to the WWE faithful, has been wrestling for over 45 years. He was a prominent star during the Golden Generation of wrestling as he competed for various British promotions before signing with WCW in 1995.

He joined the WWE as a trainer in 2001 and went on to become an on-screen competitor for the next 10 years, winning the United States Championship on one occasion during that time. He is best remembered for his alliance with Hornswoggle.

Becky Lynch WWE

After wrapping up his in-ring career in 2012, Finlay took up the role of being a backstage producer in the WWE and has appeared sporadically on TV to break up brawls.

In recent years, Finlay has been working closely with the WWE Women’s division and is a very well-respected figure behind the scenes. However, Becky Lynch has lost all respect for the 61-year-old veteran, at least from a storyline perspective.


Becky Lynch and Luke Sanders

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As Finlay is also from Ireland, Becky Lynch took offence to the fact the Finlay ignored his fellow countrywoman to help Natalya counter the Disarm-her.

Finlay put up an old photo of himself on Twitter and stated it had been 45 years since he had his first pro wrestling match. Becky Lynch responded in typical fashion.

Fit FinlayBecky Lynch calls Fit Finlay a traitor tweetFin Finlay replies Becky LynchPregnant WWE Star Becky Lynch Shares Ultrasound:

WWE superstar Becky Lynch revealed the surprise news that she was pregnant with her first child earlier this month on Raw

Becky Lynch is gearing up for a whole new set of adventures.

seth Rollins kiss Becky Lynch

The pregnant WWE superstar, 33, posted a heartwarming tribute to Seth Rollins on Instagram Thursday, sharing a set of photographs of her fiancé solo and with Lynch in honor of his 34th birthday.

Featuring shots of Rollins cuddling with dogs, enjoying a pizza and bonding with Lynch during various outings, the slideshow ended with an ultrasound of their baby on the way.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

Becky Lynch Pregnancy Update: How Did Seth Rollins React

“This person right here is my favorite person in the world,” Lynch wrote in the caption. “I thought I was doing fairly well in life before, but then you came along and made me feel like the luckiest (and happiest) human in the world.”

Pregnant WWE Star Becky Lynch Shares Ultrasound

“I love you and can’t wait to start this next crazy chapter with you,” she added. “Happy Birthday.”