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Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury is currently been scrutinize by doping test officials following signs of banned anabolic sample found in his sample from the test carried on him last year.

The officials as declared that if his guilty as charge the punishment set for him is really severe, as they will seize his three heavyweight title and banned him from all boxing activity.

Tyson as pleaded not guilty giving the permission to probe deeply as they will, with him not resisting any interrogation when needed.
He said he was baffled by the news and his willing to go any length to prove his stand. But officials insist the test carried on him by expert shows his guilty as charge, a high level of nandrolone was understood to found in his sample.

The drugs which effect cause muscle growth, was seen in his blood together with that of his brother, both Tyson and Hughie have denied any wrong doing.

Test samples understood to have been taken between February and March last year, ahead of Fury’s first bout with the former champ, sparked the probe by UK Anti-Doping officials.

It is understood Fury and his cousin then attended a meeting in September, when he was told the levels of the steroid found were higher than the body would naturally produce.
Fury is expected to be brought before an independent panel alongside his cousin to explain why high traces of the substances were allegedly found.