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Calling to mind the fact that NXT is just like a primary section before the WWE which is to be likened to be the secondary section of the game. WWE debuts only NXT qualified wrestlers who has defended themselves and has really shown that they are in for the business.

On Friday last week, the WWE had three episodes of NXT wrestling show and this means that the result of the show will determine who lives NXT to WWE programming next month. According to 411Mania American Alpha lost the title rematch in their tag team which was with The Revival.

More so, the former NXT champion Finn Balor lost in his match against Shinsuke Nakamura. Amazing, isn’t it? Well, for everything, there is the purpose and reasons. It is revealed that American Alpha lost in his title match because it was the plans of Vince McMahon for it to happen so and this is because he will call them up to the main rooster.

According to report, Vince McMahon wants this to happen in the WWE Draft in July. It has been observed that American Alpha is liked by many persons and his wrestling is admirable, he is seen as the main man of The Steiner Brothers, in fact, he is seen as one who can carry the main rooster to the next level.
Well, in summary, we can simply say that NXT is about to loss America Alpha, Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor as these ones may be debuted into the WWE Draft in July.