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Already Bellew has a lot of pressure on him concerning this upcoming because it is coming in his home Liverpool and definitely many of his friends and family will be there to watch him live this make the fight more difficult for him. Tony Bellew (26-2-1, 16 KOs) who was speaking in his word said the 29 years Makabu is going to be relegated this Sunday after he would have beat him.

A summary of Bellew thought is that he placed Makabu as the best fighter in cruiserweight division so that when he beats him on Sunday he will claim he has beaten the best n the division and automatically without fighting other people in the division claim the best in the division I think that’s it his thinking but still Bellew is number #6.

Bellew in a statement he released said“I’ll shock the world. I’ll do whatever it takes I just know I’m going to win because I’m going to stick to my game plan. He can’t beat me. It’s as simple as that. You don’t understand the lengths I’m will to go to. I am prepared to go to lengths Makabu wouldn’t dream of. No one has ever put me on the floor and kept me on the floor for the count of 10. I’ll get up and fight. If he gets off the floor, will he fight to the finish? When it gets so hard and so physical, it’s beyond belief. Will he carry on? I don’t know. I will. I won’t stop. If I win this, I will go down with the greats, the absolute greats,” said Bellew.

Bellew was actually emotional when he was speaking to the press about this, showing his anger to fight I think this could work out negatively for him. In actual fact Bellew has done well to deserve this fight here some list of people he fought before which I think are not good enough to measure Bellew standered.
Mateusz Masternak
Aturs Kulikauskis
Ivica Bacurin
Nathan Cleverly
Julio Cesar Dos Santos
Valery Brudov

This is actually a great chance for Belewe to become the champion he wanted, all road leads to Goodison Park in Liverpool where the fight takes place on Sunday.