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Makabu has successfully won 19 of his last fights and has recently in his statement stated he will totally rewrite the story of Tony Bellew, He further claim he will ruin the hope of Bellew to take the vacant WBC cruiserweight title at Goodison Park on Sunday.

Makabu while speaking said “I have come here to win, the DR Congo fighter, who is the WBC’s No 1 contender; I have not come here to play this is not a movie, it is the real world, this is serious.”

Bellew though claim he has dreams to fulfill what he has most wanted, fighting in the stadium where he is a fan of the club and has the picture of becoming world champion, but has for Makabu he said this is his time llunga stated God has promised him this is his time and Bellew must wait for a different time.

Illunga who I can describe as a solid and hard-hitting fighter, will be put off facing 16,000 scousers of Bellew fans, Makabu added that he understand the fact that most people in their thousands are coming to support and cheer Bellew but this should not be an assurance of win for Bellew has it will only be ‘Makabu and Tony’ in the ring and not his supporters.
Makabu conclude saying “Tony is a good boxer, but he has nothing special for me.”