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Maria Kanellis

Explicit photos appear to show Maria Kanellis posing naked in the mirror and on a bed

Charlotte Flair and Natalya have not said any word to the WWE Universe as touching the leaked nude photos of Paige, Kaitlyn, Alexa Bliss, Summer Rae and Maria Kanellis which currently rocks the internet, who knows who would be the next?

Oh yes, it appropriate to say that WWE divas are going through a scandalous period. After Paige and Kaitlyn’s private pics were leaked online, it is now Maria Kanellis whose naked pics have been posted online.

Earlier, Paige was seen in a leaked sex-tape performing oral sex. Another video shows her doing a solo act while a few other clips show her having sex with men.

According to outlets, Summer Rae and Kaitlyn nude photos are out and scenes are weird enough.
However, the Maria Kanellis-Bennett explicit pics is the latest and as she pose naked in quite a number of positions. Wrestler Mike Bennett’s wife is reportedly pictured naked on a bed and in a bathroom.

Unlike Paige, Maria Kanellis-Bennett is proud of hers. She actually posed naked for the Playboy magazine for the April 2008 edition.

WWE star Maria Kanellis loved posing naked for the Playboy magazine so much that she wanted to do it again. She felt she was not a little girl anymore and came out as a “full-grown” woman.

“It was just such a creative experience, too, because I made the hoodie that I wore in the photo shoot and picked a lot of the fashion out as well as the design, so I would love to do it again,” Kanellis told Wrestling Rumors. “If there was ever a chance, now would be the perfect time!”

As per this report, no one knows for certain why this is happening to the divas, and for what reasons. Nevertheless, many of the Divas now fear that they will be next.

“FEARS are growing WWE star Maria Kanellis has become the latest wrestler to have X-rated photos leaked. Several explicit snaps have been posted, showing a woman taking nude photos in a bathroom and on a bed. The pictures come after WWE superstar Paige and ex-wrestler Kaitlyn had explicit images and videos on the internet. Norfolk-born grappler Paige claimed her pics were private were shared without her consent. Clips appeared of the 24-year-old, including one with two other male wrestlers.”

Below are tweets from Maria Kanellis-Bennett as touching her leaked nude photos: