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According to TMZ, Vince McMahon had another accident again, this one is close to the WWE Headquarters in Stamford Connecticut.

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This development has raise such a huge tension in the company owing that it’s happening days after WWE Divas Paige nude photos and videos leaked online.

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As a matter of fact, reports reveal that there are unidentified individuals who are behind the recent leaking of the nude photos of female wrestlers especially as the nude photos of Kaitlyn, Alexa Bliss, Summer Rae and Maria Kanellis are also reported to be leaked online.

However, our sources have informed us that the WWE CEO escaped from the accident without a scratch, even though his Bentley is all banged up.

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Multiple sources from the law enforcement have confirmed that McMahon was driving his black Bentley when he met with the accident, which supposedly also involved another car. The details of the incident are still quite unclear and more on the same will be revealed as time passes on.

Sources close to TMZ claim that Vince was spotted walking around after the crash and the accident can be termed as a ‘minor’ one. The Bentley bore the brunt of the crash and thankfully left the boss unhurt.

We shall bring more update as the story unfolds…
Vince Mcmahon accident

Vince McMahon accident