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It happened that Eric Molina challenge David Haye, while the two heavyweight champion will be continuing their ring comeback against Arnold Gjergjaj after 3years plus of break from the ring.

While David Haye said that he was amazed on how small he was and if he wants to get back to the ring he needs to beat someone like him.

David Haye also said that he want fair fight between him and Eric Molina and is going to be an exciting match where all UK fans will appreciates it.

Furthermore he said that he wants England or UK the place of the fight, because he got more fans than that of US.

Molina also said that he can withstand anybody you put me with, People underestimate me because he is well experienced and he had been boxing for 10 years, but he was dedicated to getting improved and that makes me a dangerous fight, those he had match with has been hurt.