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Former WWE Divas Champion has eventually kicked for her wedding to the surprise of the whole wrestling community.

Against all odds and uncertainties, Paige and Alberto Del Rio have eventually decided to transform their relationship to that that can be called legal or official.

According to SEScoops the upcoming wedding between WWE Superstar Paige and Alberto El Patron is tentatively scheduled for this coming May.

In case you didn’t know, Paige proposed to Del Rio in the ring during a wrestling show Puerto Rican last October. While the WWE officials are not comfortable with the love affairs, the 24 years Total Divas star has not been shy about professing her love for the former WWE Superstar.

Paige has a big year ahead of her. The former Divas champion is currently recovering from neck surgery but should be making a return to the ring or WWE television sometime soon. In her downtime she’s been training in MMA with Alberto and has suggested an interest into one day transitioning to the octagon when her WWE career comes to an end.

The beginning of Paige and Del Rio’s relationship was the subject of several Total Divas episode this past season, but considering the former superstar’s rocky relationship with the WWE it will be interesting to see if the wedding finds its way to WWE programming. Let’s see how it goes; keep you posted…