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According to a report by Wrestling Inc, WWE Megastar Goldberg wanted to change his name upon returning to the company.

Goldberg’s return has actually lighted a fresh spirit in the largest wrestling promotion in the world, and so much is expected from him in the weeks and months ahead.

Goldberg has certainly made a big splash since returning to WWE, and will soon be challenging Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship at Fastlane. If Goldberg had gone with his original name choice, however, that matchup might have sounded a bit less epic.

That’s because his first pitch was very different. Former WWE and WCW star Sean Waltman recently recalled Goldberg’s first stab at a name on The Tomorrow Show, and your response will likely be similar to Waltman and Scott Hall’s (via Wrestling Inc).

“Goldberg first started, he come up to Scott…But he ran this idea by us about a name for himself, and he’s like, ‘what do you think of The Hybrid? I want to call myself The Hybrid.’ And we’re like, ‘ehhh, The Hybrid, it’s kinda, eh, you know.’ And he’s like, ‘why don’t you just use your name?’ And he goes, ‘my name’s Goldberg, that’s not cool.’ And he goes, ‘it is cool if you make it cool. If you’re cool, Goldberg’s cool.’ Sure enough.”

Yeah, chants of “HYBRID” just don’t have the same appeal as “GOLDBERG”. Thankfully for everyone he went with his real name. Sometimes simpler is better.

Speaking of Goldberg’s monumental run in WCW, Eric Bishoff recently talked about why his big winning streak came to its end, something many were not pleased with at the time. He said “We had been talking about it, from what I can recall, for a couple of months. As I have touched on in previous shows… we were just running out of guys for Goldberg to go through. Once we got to point of whatever it was 173-0 or whatever it was (laughs). It was that point where we had to start telling stories. We had to expand the storytelling process with Bill. We knew it had to be done”

Goldberg has embarrassed Brock Lesnar twice since coming back to television, and odds are he’ll have something to say before Goldberg’s latest opportunity for championship gold.

Next up is WWE Fastlane, which hits on March 5, followed by NXT Takeover Orlando on April 1. WrestleMania 33 lands on April 2, while Money In The Bank lands in St. Louis on June 8. NXT Takeover hits New York on August 19m followed bt SummerSlam on August 20.