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According to the news reaching us now, there are strong indications that the injury sustained by a Superstar of The WWE is a very fatal one. The Doctor’s reaction on the severity of the injury shows it requires a special medical attention. This shows that the set back currently being experienced by the WWE for losing many of its Superstars to various degrees of injury has taken a new dimension.

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Among the affected Superstars of The WWE is Seth Rollins, It would be recalled that Rollins had been out of The WWE actions due to the injury he sustained on his knee.
The WWE posted the video above showing Seth Rollins at the hospital before having surgery this week. Rollins speaks about the injury he sustained in Dublin last week and says his “knee just caved in” while doing the sunset flip to Kane.

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Speaking on the severity of the injury, Dr. Jeffrey Dugas said it’s a higher-level knee injury due to the bad tears. Dugas also said surgery went well and called it a big win but it appears the 6-9 month timetable still stands.
Rollins said he feels like someone is sitting in his throne right now but he’s coming back to reclaim what belongs to him.

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