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Report reaching us just revealed that another superstar of The WWE is about to be sued. According to the news we gathered, Rey Mysterio, Jr. told news men during a radio chat on MLW Radio how Eric Bischoff threatened him with a breach of contract lawsuit alleging that he was unwilling to lose his mask in WCW as against their agreement.

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Mysterio said:
“I remember getting in there a day or two early before the pay-per-view and we saw Eric [Bischoff] at the Betty Boop Bar, at the MGM Grand [Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada], which is right there at the entrance and I remember I wanted to talk to him. And it was very brief, but I told him that I wasn’t comfortable doing that match, especially, well, I wasn’t comfortable losing my mask. And he was like, ‘Rey, you have to do what you’re told [because] you’re under contract or else you’ll be in breach of contract’, so he was really getting at me that day. That whole week was a nightmare, man.”
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When Bischoff discovered that Mysterio was thinking about no-showing the event, Bischoff called Mysterio at his home. Updates coming shortly.

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