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At last Nikki Bella may be just a step away from being called Mrs. John Cena but there’s a reason why you are yet to get the full details.

Oh yes, you wouldn’t want to doubt that Nikki Bella and John Cena’s wedding would be the biggest talk that would rock the whole of the wrestling industry as the world have been waiting for just that day when the couple would eventually decide to tie the knot – and it seems the time has come eventually.

For a while now, the 39-year old WWE Superstar and his girlfriend, the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history, have had to answer several questions as touching the future plans of their relationship which began sometime in 2013 but somehow, by some strange formulas, the couple are still together despite the different views they nurse for their relationship.

Nikki Bella was speaking recently in an interview by The Lowdown with Diana Madison and she made some points about being engaged by John Cena which sparked up the media and cause everyone to wonder if the two love birds are engaged already or they are just a step away from it.

“If he has asked me this season, which you have to watch, I wouldn’t wear it [engagement ring] until it airs. If he has. If it’s true,”
the two-time Divas Champion told the show, Wrestling Inc reported.

“My dream would be in Napa Valley, in a vineyard, at one of our favorite vineyard’s too with no one around, just us. Say some amazing things to me too, make me cry a little bit. Yeah.”

Oh, we hope the couple finally becomes man and wife. In the meantime, we shall keep you abreast with all developments and we hope it ultimately culminates into marriage.