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The releases of Randy Orton from the company is something that rocked the WWE Universe, only to later realize that there was just a little flop along the tunnel which made some water leaked.

No one knows how it happened that Orton’s profile was no longer displaying in the WWE dashboard; a least for a while. And very unfortunately, it happened on the same day that WWE set aside to do in-house cleaning.

A total of eight stars were respectively told to leave the company and somehow down the drain, Randy Orton’s profile disappeared. Wow! Was this mere coincidence or something is cooking?

Names of those who are no longer having contract with WWE are:
• Alex Riley
• Damien Sandow
• Zeb Colter
• Cameron
• El Torito
• King Barrett
• Hornswoggle
• Santino Marella

From the desk of WrestleZone, readers rose the alarm in the comments section that Randy Orton’s profile was missing from, which caused a huge uproar as some wonder possibly he’s part of those fired by the company.

But the Wrestling Observer has categorically stated that the company has no indication of firing the WWE Champion despite his chronic injuries. As a matter of fact, Orton is said to be coming back to the ring sometime in mid-June to star on the main roster on June 14 for Money in the Bank.

However, for the now we can’t say all is well with Orton yet, despite the fact that his profile has been restored; we just keep wondering along this line – Is WWE having a plan to release Orton from the company? Keep you updated as more information becomes available to us.