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The death came as a shock; every knew it – no one could stomach it – the pain was unbearable.

Yes, it came like a nightmare; on and on it lingers on, the death of another legend, Chyna.

Chyna real name Joan Laurer, actually passed away a little while ago, hence her death is no longer news. But the spirit she carries continues to linger on. Week in week out, stars in the industry either pay tributes to her or talk about her in some way.

And just now, former NXT Champion Sasha Banks was being interviewed by Whatculture and she did speak about Chyna’s death as well as a few other things.

Her Wrestlemania 32 attire:

“I just knew Eddie was such an inspiration to me. He’s the reason I wanted to be a wrestler. He was the first match I ever saw, I got instantly hooked. Everything just felt right. I just wanted that girl.”

Chyna’s passing:

“It’s huge, she really changed the game for women and how we’re looked at differently. Never did you see a woman like that in WWE until she stepped in there. She was something special, so that news was so sad to hear. She was special.”

Her quick ascension:
“I’ve only been in wrestling six years total. I legit came into WWE thinking I was going to be just another girl who did bra and panties matches, and I was okay with that because I wanted to be in WWE. When we finally got the opportunity to be like ‘no, I want to be more than this,’ I never wanted to go back to bra and panties matches because I saw that when I was growing up and it hurt me.”