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Apart from the Nakumura vs Zayn’s awesome match and Balor’s Bullet Club teaser, the most memorable highlight of The NXT Takeover was the appearance of Bobby Roode at the event. For this appearance, The WWE Universe has been saying among them that Bobby will be debuted into The WWE.

Bobby Roode spoke in an interview with The Examiner about his signing into WWE, he told them that he has not signed with WWE yet but he soon will do that. He further said that he do not want do rush into the signing he wants it done officially.

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Roode was the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, he is also the longest reining champion in TNA before he left TNA. Fans just cannot wait to see Roode in the WWE performing to their expectation but it is unfortunate that Roode hasn’t confirmed his signing he only said that it won’t be long.

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Anyway, Bobby Roode is coming to WWE soon or later as the case may be. We just cant wait to see him perform in The WWE.