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The Diva champion Charlotte has grown to become a very famous wrestler in the WWE. It wasn’t her decision to be a wrestler but how she came about the whole thing still baffles her.

Charlotte talks with the on how fans boos her and cheer the father Ric Flair because she was not a good wit. She promise to work on herself in using the mic. She further discusses that the name Charlotte was not the initial she wanted to bear as ring name.

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She said “I gave them 10 names. I gave them ‘Miss Elizabeth’, but not thinking of Miss Elizabeth.” Charlotte joked, “they probably were like, ‘oh my God! This idiot!’ But I wrote down ‘Elizabeth Reid’ because it was my mom’s and Reid’s name. And then I put short ‘Ella Reid’. I think I put ‘Charlotte’ down. Oh, I think I put maybe ‘Eliza’ down.”

Furthermore, she said”Honestly, I wrote down a bunch of names and it was between ‘Ella Reid’ and ‘Charlotte’ and I just don’t think they thought I was going to be good or go anywhere. I don’t know because here, like I said, I walked in [as] Ric Flair’s daughter who never wanted to be in the [professional wrestling] business before and here I am. [I] never worked [and] knew nothing. They probably thought, ‘well, this is funny. Lets name her Charlotte. No effort.'”

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And now she has plans to change her ring name. let’s see what she comes up as a ring name.