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The Wrestling Observer has just submitted a report that reads, “WWE fires former World Heavyweight Champion” and Vince McMahon endorses it.

The report detailed that Daniel Bryan who has not wrestle for nearly a year now wouldn’t be doing any ring work again as the company cannot take the risk of seeing him do a match despite the fact that he has been cleared by two doctors.

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The former three times winner of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and one time winner of the World Heavyweight Championship was told point blank by WWE officials that that’s the end to his wrestling career so long as the company is concerned.

One point of concern is that the company is currently battling with a concussion lawsuit case and they are just worried that if Bryan should do any wrestling and the issue occurred again, not only would it be harmful for Bryan, the company would certainly lose the court case and pay a huge fine in compensation.

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Hence, the company made several non-wrestling offers to Bryan whose contract has been frozen but he wouldn’t accept. He is adamant, he must do wrestling again!

Naturally, he challenged WWE CEO Vince McMahon at once, but the report revealed that McMahon said he has nothing different to say.

However, McMahon said that he wouldn’t want to rule out his card completely that he might likely do wrestling in the future.