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WWE has told a popular professional Superstar that he’ll never wrestle again, according to a report that just came in from The Wrestling Observer.

The news came in as a shock and it is the one news in the world Daniel Bryan never wanted to hear especially because he has been cleared and declared fit by two doctors already.

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When the former WWE Intercontinental Champion got the news from WWE officials stating that he’ll never wrestle again, the report revealed that Bryan was emotional, natural about it. Hence, he wasted no time in tabling the issue before WWE Chairman Vince McMahon but he got an answer that was as good as that which he was told earlier.

The main issue is that, WWE is currently facing a concussion lawsuit and if they should allow Bryan to wrestle and the injury occurred again, then the opposing lawyers would capitalize on that and WWE would lose the case naturally; which would mean huge financial consequence for the company.

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At the moment, WWE has frozen the contract Bryan runs with them as Bryan is yet to accept other non-wrestling deals the company offered him. They are currently at a gridlock and we hope the barriers are removed and things start working well for them again.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Bryan might just leave the company and sign a new deal with other promotions such as TNA or Global Force Wrestling. We shall keep you posted as things unfold.