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The shock of CM Punk return may cripple quite a handful of people as they never saw the UFC star ever returning again. Original it was like a dream, a rumor but now… it’s reality… Um…. It’s likely going to be.

Well, that may not have been the case had John Cena not hopped on Instagram and posted the picture of CM Punk’s Twitter avatar. What a new ball Cena set rolling by that single post, especially as he noted that he wouldn’t explain what that means to anyone!

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And just before the WWE Universe could say Jack Robinson, WWE added fuel to the already blazing fire by adding Punk’s profile back on the official website.

So it would be fitting to say, CM Punk has finally traveled to WWE otherwise WWE should explain what they meant by putting his profile back on the official website of the company after all that happened between them in the time past.

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As a matter of fact, the die has been cast and he’s even said to show up on tonight’s Monday Night Raw.

Should John Cena posted something about CM Punk alone, we would have probably discarded it but WWE putting back the 37-year old American comic book writer’s profile on their official websites calls for serious consideration.

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The Wrestling Observer puts it this way, “it is very unlikely that CM Punk is going to return to WWE anytime soon, if ever. Recently, Punk did sign a multi-year deal with UFC and has yet to even have his first fight for the company, but it is set to happen sometime this summer.”

By and large, if CM Punk does return on time, he could do a match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32. That’s our opinion and we strongly favor it to happen, wouldn’t you?