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Former WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy returns to WWE is something that would make a shock in the head of the lots of wrestling most especially WWE and TNA fans but that is something impossible.

While fans wait anxiously for the return of former WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy, a report has just reached our news room stating that that might not be possible any more as Jeff Hardy needs yet another knee surgery.

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Jeff Hardy and his brother have been doing magic in the professional wrestling world for more than ten years and their fans have grown steadily. Worthy to note is that Jeff had been swimming in his wrestling career all through, injury free.

He had successfully wrestled over the years without injury but just this year that record was spoilt when he suffered a knee surgery.

In the line to stardom, Jeff Hardy had garnered unflinching fans – fans who loved him despite his shortcomings and flaws. Time and time again the former WWE and current TNA Superstar was suspended in both companies for drug related issues but that never negate the fact that Jeff was such a creative and stylish performer that fans always hold him dearly to their hearts as they hope he would make a U-turn and start a drug free life someday.

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For the now, there’s no date yet for his return. Any update about his possible return would be determined by how the surgery went about.

This might affect the possibility of him joining WWE as soon as his TNA contract expires by February next year and possibly his debut on WrestleMania 32. Hence, we hope the injury doesn’t keep him down for too long however whatever be the case, both Jeff and his brother, Matt should be back in WWE by WWE SummerSlam if Jeff recovers on time and if all things went as planned with Matt.

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Otherwise a Jeff Hardy’s return would have been perfect at a time such as this when most top stars are injured and he would have ultimately do a match against The Undertaker whose opponent for WrestleMania 32 still dances in the air with lot of speculations here and there.

So we hope to see Hardy in WWE by SummerSlam, who knows, he might just do a match against The Deadman by then.

And in case you are one of those who don’t know, Hardy was released from WWE on April 22, 2003 for erratic behavior, drug use, refusal to go to rehab and whatnot.