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Nikki Bella is one of the most famous females to ever lace a pair of boots in the WWE. She’s done everything imaginable in the squared circle, and now, she’s experiencing life outside the WWE in the world of entertainment. In her time in the WWE, she became the longest reigning Divas Champion in history by holding the championship for an amazing 301 days.

We haven’t seen the Bella twin since Wrestlemania 33 because she’s now embarking on several mainstream opportunities. We know that she’s been successful in those endeavours and we know she was quite popular in the WWE. However, there are certain aspects of her life that you may not know about. So, without further ado, here are five things you should know about Nikki Bella.

#6 Nikki Bella And John Cena Marriage Possibility

Nikki Bella’s relationship and break up with John Cena is a hot topic for discussion among the WWE Universe. They were constantly taking shots at her for the same and some are clearly out of line as well. Everybody thought they will eventually get married especially after John Cena said he was now ready to have kids with Nikki.

However, that dream never came true as they have officially broken up and Nikki is now trying to find her bearing again. Latest updates indicate that Cena too is working on the reality that Nikki is gone and that marriage between them will never come true after all the wedding buzz and thinghummy.

John Cena relationship with Nikki Bella

John Cena relationship with Nikki Bella

What would happen next? Well for now Nikki has just announced that she doesn’t want kids any more until she is in her 40’s; which has gotten the WWE Universe wondering if she is bent on getting back John Cena or something else is cooking.

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#5 She Was Married For 3 Years

Another wonderful and shocking update about Nikki Bella is that before Dolph Ziggler came on board, Nikki was married once at the age of 20. She tied the knot with her high school sweetheart and the marriage was annulled three years later.

On top of that, Nikki kept the whole marriage a secret from her family; the only person she told was her sister, Brie Bella. Let’s hope that her next marriage is a more enjoyable one.

Nikki Bella cry over John Cena break up

Nikki Bella had a secret husband: She was divorced after 3 years

Though for now, she would be taking her time to do away with the memories she shared with John Cena. I do not think she will jump into another relationship anytime soon. So Nikki getting marriage may not be a easy storyline to compute now.

Brie Bella on the other hand, had a relationship with former Poison guitarist Richie Kotzen before marrying Daniel Bryan.

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#4 Nikki Bella Used To Date Dolph Ziggler

Before Nikki Bella settled down with John Cena for about six years, she dated fellow WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler. The Showoff Dolph Ziggler dated Nikki Bella for about nine months and then they broke up. It was a painful story, nobody saw it coming. But with Cena filling in the vacuum, Nikki was up and about.

Nikki Bella used to date Dolph Ziggler

Nikki Bella used to date Dolph Ziggler: they dated for about 9 months

Now John Cena and Nikki Bella have parted ways for good. The 16-time world champion proposed to the Bella twin at Wrestlemania 33, creating a moment the WWE Universe will never forget. However, like Cena, this won’t be Nikki’s first marriage

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#3 Wanted to be a football player

Wrestling wasn’t actually the first love of Nikki Bella. She used to fancy herself as quite the football player in her teenage days. And it’s not just that she was passionate about it, she was legitimately gifted on the pitch, too. When playing for the girl’s football team at Chapparal High in Arizona, she was honoured with the MVP award in her first year.

Nikki Bella and Brie as football kids

Nikki Bella used to play football and she was good at it: she won the MVP award

News of her talent spread like wildfire across the state and she was eventually offered a sports scholarship at Arizona State University because of her ability. However, a leg injury would shatter her dreams and lead to the offer being revoked. Brie Bella also played football with her as a child but she quickly grew bored of the sport while Nikki chased the dream further.

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#2 Nikki Bella Writes Poetry As Hobby
Many fans unfairly look at Nikki Bella and see her as a superficial, attractive individual who gets by due to her looks. But, it’s quite the opposite; she’s actually quite the intellectual. The general consensus is that Brie is the smart one while Nikki is the airhead, but it looks like we were wrong.

Nikki Bella writes poetry during leisures

Nikki Bella writes poetry during leisure

When she’s not in front of a camera making millions, she’s in her bedroom writing pages of poetry. She claims it provides her with an escape from her busy lifestyle. The former Divas Champion also revealed in an interview that one day she would publish her poetry for the world to see.

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#1 Nikki Bella Is A Qualified Real Estate Agent

Like we said before, Nikki Bella has brains beyond her beauty. That can be seen by the fact that she’s been able to dabble in many other disciplines outside the world of wrestling. Nikki’s mum has always been insistent on her daughter gathering as many qualifications as possible just in case wrestling didn’t quite work out.

Nikki Bella FearlessNikki

Nikki Bella Qualified Real Estate Agent

Whilst still working in the WWE, the former Divas Champion became a licensed real estate agent that can work in the field professionally. Once her reality TV career fades away, she can still pursue a career in real estate.

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Can you believe that the longest reigning Divas Champion in history almost didn’t sign for the WWE? It’s hard to imagine now, but Nikki Bella’s rise to fame may never have happened. Before the idea of wrestling ever popped up in her mind, Nikki was pursuing a career in modelling and acting.

Nikki Bella joined FCW in 2007

Nikki Bella joined FCW in 2007: She almost never Joined the WWE

So, the idea of relocating to Tampa, Florida wasn’t an appealing proposition to them. It was only when WWE officials negotiated with her mother that Nikki changed her mind to become a wrestler with her sister. Now look, she has a career in acting, modelling and wrestling; it’s funny how life works out.