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So Bill Goldberg is with WWE except Vince McMahon stands at the threshold against the idea and why should he especially at a time such as now when The Undertaker is silent, Brock Lesnar is yet to get a fitting opponent for WrestleMania 32 and most of their Superstars are down with injuries.

According to a report by Daily Wrestling News, WWE is doing everything possible to seal a one year deal with Bill Goldberg for WrestleMania 32. Sources revealed that the idea behind the deal with Goldberg is to see how WWE can use Goldberg’s influence and huge fans network to increase RAW ratings as well as set as boost attention for WrestleMania 32.

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The report further detailed that the company would have sealed the deal with Goldberg except for two reasons. One, the relationship between Goldberg and McMahon is somewhat sour. Two, a few individuals in the WWE caucus are rooting that Goldberg should be given a six month deal instead of that for a year.

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And for that said difference which exists between Goldberg and McMahon, they may have started working for reconciliation by now. Also, if Goldberg were to come to WWE, it’s Triple H who would do the deal not McMahon. So Triple H would put in words to McMahon for the benefit of Goldberg.

Also, since McMahon himself is kicking for the event at the AT & T Stadium to be an all-time record show, the return of Goldberg is something that would do the company a great good. Let’s see how it goes…