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Brooke Adams has eventually revealed that she loves Roman Reigns and sees him as a sexy man. According to her, Roman Reigns has that charm and thingummy that makes her want him.

Brooke Nichole Adams was a guest on the episode 105 of The Ross Report, there she talked about rather a range of things including how she sees Roman Reigns as a very attractive man as well as her awful relationship with Robbie E which she described as an unfortunate one.

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When she was asked about her relationship with Robbie E, Adams described it with words that reflect pains and much regrets.

“It was a very rocky relationship, probably the worst relationship I’ve ever been in, and we left [to film Amazing Race] and we fought a lot on the show,” Adams recalled. “I had just never seen a man act the way that he acted and it was probably the most unattractive thing I’ve ever seen.”

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As the showed went on, Ross asked Adams if she thinks that Roman Reigns is sexy. Adams responded with boldness and went on to say, she finds Reigns “incredibly attractive”

“I hate saying that, but yes. I do think so.” Adams added, “there is just something about him, Roman. There’s just, I can’t really describe it. There’s something dark, kind of, mysterious, about him. And that’s what makes him so incredibly attractive. You just want to know more! You just want to know what’s going on in his head.”