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According to, the management is cooking up a big match between Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32. Hence, Dean Ambrose confronted Brock Lesnar at the introducing section of last Monday Night Raw.

Well, this is of course set to be one of the biggest matches in the career of Ambrose especially as Vince McMahon is determined to see the company hits a super-all-time audience turnout at the AT&T Stadium.

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Many Superstars have talked about wrestling Lesnar in the forth coming WrestleMania; Kevin Owens, The Wyatt Family and a few others are all part of those who meant to have a match with Lesnar. They meant every word the said because they knew wrestling against the former UFC Heavyweight Champion would do a great good to their career.

But as it appears on the official website of World Wrestling Entertainment, Dean Ambrose is likely going to have the ticket.

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While there may be arguments here and there as touching Ambrose status with respect to the titles he has won, it’s important to note that WWE suffers from heavy injury holocaust, hence most of their Superstars are unavailable.

So as a make up, we see WWE shooting the WWE Heavyweight Championship title on Ambrose to see if he can really fight for it as a top star should. Not as if that would mean that he can beat Lesnar but at least that can give the impression that he can put forth a touch match against him.

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To make the filled AT&T Stadium cheers like nothing imagined, when Lesnar eventually wins Ambrose, he would endorse him and acknowledge that he did put up a touch fight and the curtain will be drawn.